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I just feel sooo alone…
I mean yeah I have friends… But idk I feel like I’ve isolated myself.. And now All the things are starting to go away… Grandmas in the hospital, boyfriends in the service… And I feel like I can’t talk to anyone… Because I’ve been soo distant lately and kinda depressing to be around.. I’m kinda screwing myself over…

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You know that feeling when you have nothing to look forward to… You just keep doing the same thing every single day… Hoping and waiting for something exciting to happen… But day after day nothing changes… Same places, same people same everything… And that’s boring.

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You know just last year I could of cared less about Veterans Day…. I was just happy to have the day off from school! This year ever thing has changed I met my love and It just so happend he’s a marine and I couldn’t be any more thankful for and and all the other men and women that fight for our freedom. Today isn’t just another day today is the day where all the troops get recognize for all that they do for us❤️ semper fi


(16) Likes | Tumblr on We Heart It.


(16) Likes | Tumblr on We Heart It.

I feel like god gave me you.. He gave me you for the ups and downs… He put us together for a reason and I’m starting to figure it out it’s all coming together… Like a jigsaw puzzle.. I was always so confused of what I wanted out of life and now it’s become so clear.. I want you to be mine forever and always.. Threw thick and thin… Threw the thousand of miles that will separate us but knowing that the distance will only make us cherish every moment we spend together… It’s been hard to be here with out you but I’m trying my best there’s been some bumps in the road and i hope every thing gets better soon so I can hold you in my arms again❤️ semper fi


Long distance relationships are hard. I understand that.

But at least you get to call/text/facetime whenever you please.

We would kill to hear their voice whenever we wanted. To see their face. Thank God we can communicate through letters though <3